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If you are wondering who we are and how we look like then we should introduce ourselves and we invite you to know more about us.

hi i'm


Main Photographer


Welcome to my website and I hope you've enjoyed the results of my work and you are now familiarized with my wedding photography style and approach so far. I’ve been a professional wedding photographer for over 14 years and I’ve shot over 100 weddings across UK and Internationally. The Love for art, for culture, for beauty is written in my family genes.

Photography it’s more than a passion, it’s what defines my professional life now and what defined my adolescence. I can’t recall when I had my first camera (at an early age), but I do remember it was a Zenit. 

From that moment on I photographed, experimented, practiced, learned a lot, developed my creativity, studied and offered my expertise to others.

Life is truly beautiful, it is a shame not to capture its unique moments – so this is what I love to do as a wedding photographer.

Coming from an artistic family with a background in visual arts and having a Degree in Arts, I was raised surrounded by beauty, with high moral and cultural values. By the grace of God I was born and raised in a wonderful family, being proud of my three younger brothers who are musicians (two pianists and one violinist) and grateful to our parents (visual artists) who seeded the passion for visual arts in my heart.


hi i'm

Second Shooter Photographer


Hi, I'm Alexandra, an artist whom I love with all my heart and whom I have met by God's providence and I am grateful for that. I am also the other half of claudiu iozon photography. 

Second of all I'm in love with nature and photography, two of the things that make our lives more beautiful.

My first camera was an analog Olympus (full frame 35 mm film) sent by my uncle from Israel, when I was in primary school.

I loved taking photos and also being a photo model anytime, anywhere.

Actually, before that era, I was taking snapshots on paper of my family's daily life activities, by using my own paper "camera" created by myself and drawing on card what I saw "through my lenses ", saying that's the printed photograph. :)

I now take hundreds of pictures and if I don't have the camera with me I use my phone to photograph and document all the flowers, clouds or other details in nature that inspire me, almost on a daily basis.

I am passionate about photography since forever, however thanks to my talented husband I have updated my skills to the highest level and we make a wonderful team together. ️

As a wedding photographer I go the extra mile in making sure I capture every tiny yet beautiful detail, as we all know that the small details are making an enormous difference. I also love capturing the same intense moments during the wedding ceremony or the overwhelming emotion during the speeches at the same time, yet from unique angles, immortalizing it for ever. 

Why would you want us to be your wedding photographers, besides loving what you see, it is because there are other aspects you are probably thinking about, like style, discretion, elegance, balance,... and we have all that. We work discreet, we understand each other from the looks, making sure we capture those genuine moments as they naturally unfold, in a candid way. 


Regardless if you’re planning an elegantly beautiful small classical wedding or a big majestic wedding event, a wonderful elopement or just looking for something unique and above all high quality in regards with choosing your wedding photographer, I will be delighted to help you with advises from my experience as a professional wedding photographer, help you create a story board if you would like and put together a tailored package to suit your needs, requirements or photography dreams.

You can send me some details about your wedding plan and I'll get back to you with full detailed pricing and availability.

Thanks! Message sent.

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