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Being the wedding photographer for Beth and Alexander was a delight. We already knew each other, as we have met before at the wedding venue to discuss their preferences and organise important details accordingly. They have chosen me to be their documentary wedding photographer, so I have also captured the civil ceremony, prior to their wedding ceremony, which took place at the Registry Office in Bath, where we also took advantage of the beauty of the Parade Gardens and spent some time there and took some lovely couple photographs afterwards.


The wedding reception took place at Backwell House, on Farleigh Road. situated very close to the center of the village and civil parish with the same name, in North Somerset, just a few miles away from Bristol.


The atmosphere was lovely, enjoying the beautiful, stylish interior of this formerly Georgian family home and the relaxing landscapes, as it is surrounded by nature.


The wedding celebrant, Olivia Coleman, made a lovely introduction of the couple, the florist Karen Hughes enhanced the beauty of the wedding venue with the flower arrangements, natural and simple, yet mesmerising (all grown in her garden) and Kristen, the wedding stylist, took good care of the details which are the ones making a difference.


Most certainly, I should say that above all, both Beth and Alexander and their loving families were so kind and lovely, with beautiful personalities which helped all wedding guests enjoy, share the joy and feel part of a big family (at least we did, myself and my wife Alexandra, who was also capturing their unique moments alongside myself). It came natural to feel the intensity of their emotions, as you can notice in some of the wedding photographs, capturing certain candid moments, especially during the speeches.


Thank you, Beth and Alexander, for the honour of being part of your wedding day and sharing your special moments and treating us so well. It was such a pleasure to photograph the entire event, for both of us.


We wish you all the best in your newly formed family and may you be happy, stay healthy and love each other more and more, whilst growing old together!


With love, Claudiu Iozon

Wedding Photographer Bath |Bristol | UK & Wales


You can check some of my recent favourite wedding photographs along with a photography selection from weddings in Cardiff, other parts of South Wales, throughout UK and International.


All the moments we are capturing are transformed into unique stories, legacy for the generations to come.




Regardless if you’re planning an elegantly beautiful small classical wedding or a big majestic wedding event, a wonderful elopement or just looking for something unique and above all high quality in regards with choosing your wedding photographer, I will be delighted to help you with advises from my experience as a professional wedding photographer, help you create a story board if you would like and put together a tailored package to suit your needs, requirements or photography dreams.

You can send me some details about your wedding plan and I'll get back to you with full detailed pricing and availability.

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