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Why having engagement photo session?!

Besides the answer we all know and besides having more lovely pictures to share with your friends, on social media websites or just with your family, it helps towards having better images on your wedding day.

When the photographer becomes a part of your story, everything runs smoothly.

This is actually one of the secrets of having great, genuine, natural photographs on your special day.

A professional photographer has the necessary skills to make the most of every moment on your wedding day, meaning that it has the ability to capture details which you will not even notice on the day, due to the fast pace nature of the event. However, the chemistry between the couple and photographer is as important as the photographer’s skills and knowledge. It’s all about building a trust and being relaxed, rest assured that the end results will be as you wish.

I am not sure if this sounds complicated, but definitely it’s not. Actually, it is very simple and you just need to invest a few more hours or maybe just a few minutes – we all know time is precious. Having the engagement or pre-wedding photo session allows you also to get more familiarized with the photographer, you will get to know his style and he will get to know better your preferences, leading to a more relaxed atmosphere.

Invest more time in the images that later on will become life time memories for generations.

Isn’t that profound, how just a simple decision can have such a great impact on your future?! As a natural documentary wedding photographer I can advise you that this is one of the best opportunity to know your wedding photographer and see his style of work.

So, choose wisely.

With Love,

Claudiu Iozon Photography


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