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When we talk about wedding photography we can imagine various captures in completely different styles and this is actually the way it should be. We are all different in regards to education and culture; therefore it is natural to have different tastes and certain preferences, especially when it comes to your wedding photographs. You need to take into consideration that these photographs are not just random shots on a random day, but on the contrary they are a witness to one of the most beautiful and special days of your life, the photographs which will be the legacy for the generations to come. On your wedding day, you might not realize how quickly time flies, that’s why it is very important to invest a few minutes in keeping the time still. How do you keep the time still or how do you do “team work”?! Well, it’s simple and easy, just by allowing your wedding photographer to have some of your time, by escaping for a few moments from all your family and friends in order to capture some shots which you can share with them later on. It might not seem very important, but it does make a huge difference in your wedding album photo. This is just one of those huge details that you need to take care of or even better said, you need to let your photographer deal with it as long as you invest precious moments and most of all relax and enjoy every second. This will be seen in your wedding photographs – because it’s all about capturing the joyfulness and happiness on your wedding day.

Also please keep in mind that some details do make a huge difference.

With LOVE,

Claudiu Iozon Photography


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